If your builder goes broke

Eltcon’s Completion Division specialises in completing houses which are not yet finished as a result of  the builder going broke.

This is a very distressing time for home owners and we can bring structure, process and completion to this period by following our tried and tested method to take on and complete an unfinished home.


We will speak to you about your vision and then identify any defects or problems which will need rectification before we take on the project.

We will then enter into a new construction contract with you which will have clear timelines and breakdown of costs.

Our claim to fame is our ongoing, clear and consistent communication method of operation from your Project Manager who will oversee the build.

If your builder has just gone broke

If you have just been notified that your builder has gone broke, your first step may be to contact the VMIA here or directly with the insurance arm at or call 1300 363 424.

If you have already received a payout or are in the process of choosing a builder to complete your project, make an appointment with us by calling 03 8201 7125 or emailing and let us get you into your fully completed home!!