Home Builders Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

The Architectural Designed Renovation Process

First thing’s first

We will direct you to experienced and professional architects to discuss your renovation vision,  produce plans and obtain relevant permits.

Service proposal

Your architect will assist with the tendering process to find the most suitable home builder for your Renovation.


You, your architect and your home builder (hopefully you choose us) will begin discussions on timeframes, budgets, fixtures & fittings, sign relevant contracts and your architectural designed renovation dream begins here!

Home Construction Services Eastern Melbourne

Custom Home Construction

At Eltcon, your aspirations take centre stage as we collaborate closely with your chosen architects and designers. Your concepts evolve into exquisitely crafted homes that beautifully reflect your individuality and style.

Home Renovations and Additions

Eltcon’s renovation and extension services are a journey of blending the old with the new. Our skilled team artfully revitalise spaces, preserving their inherent charm while seamlessly integrating modern elements. Your home undergoes a transformation that celebrates its unique character.

Home Building Systematic Approach

Our strength lies within our systems. Eltcon is backed by a robust framework of internal office practices that are highly systemised to ensure that projects are running on time and on budget. Each project boasts a dedicated project manager and site manager fostering a systematically professional building experience.

Quality Craftsmanship in Home Building

Eltcon prides itself on delivering quality craftsmanship that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Each detail is meticulously honed, resulting in spaces that are sophisticated and showcase our dedication to creating timeless, enduring homes.